All products in this store are shipped from Peru in South America. The only possible shipping method is:


Mailing packages from Cuzco, Peru takes about two to four weeks to travel to the US, Europe and Australia.

The AN•Mercado computes the shipping total by the combined weight of all the products in your shopping cart during checkout. 

For example: The cost for shipping and insuring one Cards of AN Set weighs about 900 g (less than 2 pounds), including packaging – are around 32 USD to the US, 37 USD to Europe and 40 USD to Asia/Australia. These are the actual costs we have to pay at the post office for shipping and packaging.

You can often save a lot on the shipping cost, if you buy several products together!

The weight thresholds for “reaching the next higher shipping cost” are [cost examples for USA]:

from weight (in kg) from weight (in ounces/pounds) price to US in USD
20g 0.74 ounces 8 USD
50g 1.8 ounces 10 USD
100g 3.56 ounces 13 USD
250g 0.55 pounds 21 USD
500g 1.1 pounds 32 USD
1kg 2.21 pounds 53 USD
2kg 4.42 pounds 59 USD
2.5kg 5.53 pounds (max weight)


• Many Lliclias have a weight of 300-400g, so you can add one or more Sancarpas or a Sun-Moon pendant without additional shipping costs.

• When you buy a set of Cards of AN, you can always add one or two sancarpas without crossing the 1kg mark.

Please check the shipping costs during checkout.

On occasion, we have visitors who are willing to bring a set of Cards of AN to your country or region and mail them from there. If you choose this option, please contact us BEFORE your purchase.

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