Kayumaris from Mexico

Kayumaris are the sacred Blue Deer of the Huichol / Wirraxica tribes in Mexico. The Kayumaris know all the doorways into other worlds and are the guardians of these dimensional doorways called Nierikas. It is the Kayumari who decides whether or not you can pass through these Nierikas. Most importantly, when you return to this world, the Kayumari decides if you are allowed to bring back the memory of what you experienced.

When I heard about the Kayumaris many years ago, I decided that it was very important to make friends with them so I could travel freely to other worlds and remember what I had experienced there. For over a year, I would sing to the Kayumari while playing my Tarahuamara drum. And now, they allow me to go wherever I want!

We all have a personal Kayumari with us. Since the Kayumaris know all the doorways to the Worlds within Worlds, we can send our Kayumari to find things for us ~ such as our True Home or True Partner. Once our Kayumari locates what we are looking for, they will return to us with it.

All our Kayumaris are a perfect size for traveling with us. They are made of wood with beads attached to the surface with beeswax. For that reason, they should not be put in the Sun.

Talk to your Kayumari. Sing to it. Play a drum for it. The closer you become, the more Kayumari will become your ally and friend!

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