Welcome to the Greatly Expanded
AN Mercado!

Here, we offer you special treasures which resonate with the energy of the New Reality of AN. Everything you see in this Mercado is physically located at the Heart of AN in Peru and all are aligned with the true AN energy.

We have expanded our AN Mercado at this time for three reasons.

We want to make available to our Family of AN special objects which can serve as touchstones of the New Reality.  Most importantly, they will help you to incorporate the New Reality into your every day lives.

Each of these items carry the energy of the New Reality of AN, as well as the tradition and craftmanship of the people that made them. Bright things to help us remember who we really are.

We would like to pay off the personal loans we received to buy our new AN•Sonqo Sanctuary Land as quickly as possible.

We are raising money to make improvements on our new sacred land and at the Heart of AN. These projects include building a fence on three sides of the new land, so we can merge all our land together; building more accomodation for visitors to the Heart of AN, making more sets of the Cards of AN and creating an organic garden here.

Everything in the AN•Mercado has been hand picked with great love, mainly by Solara, who has a deep appreciation for world treasures which anchor the much needed energy of beauty and authenticity. She cherishes her interactions with the very real people who make and sell them and has a deep respect for all true artisans.


Solara’s Cards of AN 


Handwoven Pillow Covers 


Shipibo Cloths 

Suns, Moons and Chakanas 

Weavings from Peru 

Long, Thin Weavings from Peru